Why Brisbane is the best city in the world!

Brisbane is one of the top livable cities globally. This is based on the rankings done by Monocle Magazine, which placed the city 25th in the world. According to the research, the city came third in Australia behind Melbourne and Sydney, which were ranked 3rd and 11th respectively. With unemployment rate of 4.9 percent, which compares favorably to 7.3 percent and 5.8 percent for Melbourne and Sydney respectively, it is no wonder that Brisbane is attracting more attention.

Most Beautiful City

In the list of the most beautiful cities around the world, Brisbane does much better than Seville, Kyoto, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro among others. This is according to research that Rough Guides, which is a travel guide company, conducted. The ranking of Brisbane as one of the most beautiful cities around the world was based on results obtained from polls conducted on social media platforms – mainly Twitter and Facebook.
Some of the reasons that made the city be one of the most beautiful globally include:
1. High-rise modernized architecture
2. Beautiful parks and public spaces
3. Brisbane River, which empties its waters into the Moreton Bay
4. Tree-lined streets
5. Amazing combination of modern architecture and heritage
6. Public art works

Low Crime Rates

However, the global rankings depend on several factors and it’s not the only reasons that make Brisbane the best city in the world. For example, crime is not a major issue in the city. You can walk alone during the day and not worry about being a victim of any crime. The safety level when walking alone during the day is 85.16%, which is very high. The safety level when walking alone at night is 54.17 percent, which is moderate.

Great Weather

It’s worth mentioning that the sky is much bluer in Brisbane as well. This translates into a nice glow as well as plenty of happiness for all who visit, work or reside in the city. The city is centrally situated between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. When you look to the West of the city, you’ll see amazing mountain. To the East there is a bay. Top attractions such as Noosa and Byron Bay are not too far from the city.
Rich Diversity

The city is full of all manner of diversity, thus making it attractive to everybody. The rich diversity means that you’ll find what you need within the city. Consequently, whether your preference involves living in an inner-city apartment, visiting the mountain surrounds, or enjoying the water views, the city has a rich diversity of this and much more to meet and surpass your expectations. You’ll never have to worry about failure to get your dream home.
With a thriving state library, the city has opened its gates to people interested in improving their knowledge. The State Library has a glass room, which is not a bad idea if you want to enjoy a bit of tanning. GOMA is where you go when in need of a cultural center. At GOMA, you can learn everything that you need to know about the cultural background of the city. Visit GOMA to receive some quick education regarding the different cultures of the city – past and present.
Eat Street Market is full of several stalls that you should visit when in Brisbane. The Eat Street Market is a major attraction to anybody who has ever been in the city. The market is full of various stalls where you can indulge in a bit of the local cuisine and a few other delicious pleasures to satisfy your urge for something mesmerizing to eat. Wrapped delights are some of the pleasures that will leave a hauntingly delicious taste in your mouth.

Awesome Start-ups:

Brisbane is home to a burgeoning start up community. With many larger part ups moving here and new ones starting up every day it isn’t hard to find an awesome new company to do some work for you. “There has never been a better time to be a consumer in Brisbane than right now”  so says the founder of the best house cleaning company in Brisbane.

Affordable Cost of Living

Things are more affordable in Brisbane than you would find in other cities in Australia and other parts of the world. For example, the average amount that you’re likely to spend on meals at an inexpensive restaurant is AUS$20.00. Domestic beer would cost around AUS$6.00. You’ll only spend AUS$7 to enjoy a bottle of imported beer. A one-way ticket to any destination in the city will cost you around AUS$5.00.
Brisbane is in love with doughnuts. You’ll find several cafes in the city where you can indulge your appetite for doughnuts. Some of the cafes worth visiting to sample the delicious doughnuts that make the city famous in Australia and beyond include Nodo Donuts, Doughnut Time, The Doughnut Bar, Brewbakers and the Bake Plant Based among others. Feel free to walk around the city and discover more doughnut cafes.
Kangaroo Point is one of the most awe-inspiring suburbs in the city. The suburb is located on the east side just across Brisbane River. The suburb has some of the most amazing views that make it much easier and more enjoyable to take walks in the evening as part of your daily exercises. A tour of Kangaroo Point would provide a much better understanding of the reasons that make the suburb extremely popular among tourists and locals alike.

Hotbed of Festivals
Brisbane is home to top festivals that take place at different times of the year, and these include:
1. BrisAsia Festival
2. Vietnamese New Year Festival
3. BluesFest Byron Bay
4. Harmony Day Festival
5. Mind, Body, Spirit Festival
6. Lunar New Year, which takes place at Moreton Bay
7. Brisbane Festival

The city has an amazing nightlife. For example, you could opt to visit one of the several rooftop bars that illuminate nightlife in the city. The Gabba and the Suncorp Stadium are among the most popular destinations to visit for sports lovers. These two facilities can hold their own against the mighty MCG. A rollercoaster ride on the City Cat is the best way to travel on the Brisbane River for an opportunity to see the attractions that lie along its shores.
Brisbane is not too small or excessively large for you to feel uncomfortable. Do not conclude your tour of the city without visiting the many clothing boutiques that fill the inner city. The many riverside dining options provide you with the best opportunity for enjoying a meal outdoors. For these reasons and many more, there is little doubt regarding the status of Brisbane as the best city in the world.

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Tourists attractions to visit while staying in Brisbane

Tourists attractions to visit while staying in Brisbane

Brisbane is a very popular choice for tourists planning to visit Australia. If you’ve never heard of Brisbane before, Major_Attractions_Portraitstay awhile and listen.
This is a 3rd largest city of Australia and it has much to offer. If you’re a fan of Australian wildlife, this may be THE place to visit. It has a largest Koala sanctuary in the world and you can get a photo of yourself while cuddling with a koala. Besides koalas there are kangaroos, crocodiles, praying birds, Tasmanian devils, a lot of different snakes and many more. If you’re not such a huge fan of Fauna, maybe flora is more suitable for you taste. Fear not, Brisbane has both. Stationed seven kilometers away from the city, a glorious botanic garden which spreads for 52 hectares lies on mount Coot-Tha. Here you will find many different plants, native to Australia and also some exotic ones.5838440-3x2-700x467

If you’re interested in a birds view of the city, a Ferris wheel was opened in 2009, allowing an hour long ride with an amazing view.

But what else can you see while visiting Brisbane?

Brisbane-old-customs-officeWell, there is a Customs House. This building is owned by Queensland university and it was built in the 19th century. It offers a cultural and educational experience. Even though it operates as a function centre, it has a lot of public spaces such as indoor or outdoor restaurants, unparalleled river and also a Story Bridge view. If you’re interested in visiting this building, free guided tours are offered during Sundays. Besides visiting this magnificent building you can ride a CityCat.

CityCats are basically a type of boat which allow a twenty four – seven ride on the Brisbane river. It’s the most exciting and scenic way of getting around Brisbane. The route which CityCats take will be taking you from theQueen_Street_Mall_Brisbane University of Queensland to the North Shore, along which you will be able to see Industrial sites, Bridges, Parklands and riverside mansions.

Queen Street Mall is another must see place. Here you will be able to find international, national but also local labels and designs. It is a home to more than seven hundred retailers and the most accessible parts are fairly modern, but there is almost a labyrinth of sellers, in which, if you choose to go, you may be able to find some historic buffs.

Each Wednesday a part near the bridge transforms into a Farmers Market, where you will be able to find some of the local herbs and artisan products.

While staying at Brisbane, don’t just focus on the City itself, with an easily accessible Ferry, you will be able to travel to a slightly remote location called Moreton Island. Moreton Island may be a perfect day trip. This Island is a perfect tropical paradise. Once you’re there you will be able to see pure white sand bitches with azure water and rich vegetation. If you’ve ever dreamed of a perfect beach, this might be it.

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Brisbane, or as some like to call it – the “Sunshine City”, is the third-largest city in Australia, but it is also the leader in the Asia Pacific region when it comes to economic growth and this city is also well-known for its multicultural nature and friendly atmosphere. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and it is located on a picturesque Brisbane River and the Pacific coast.

The fact that Brisbane has access to the ocean played an important role in the history and the development of this community, and it serves as a valuable commercial asset and precious tourist attraction. Geographic position of Brisbane allows for a very warm and pleasant climate, which is mostly compared to that of Florida or California, and with 283 days of sunshine per year it’s no wonder that they call it the Sunshine City.P5121306

Brisbane is currently a home to 2.2 million people, but this number is rapidly growing and demographic experts predict that by 2031 population will grow to 3.18 million. What is interesting about Brisbane is that the population is relatively young and well-educated, and this gives hope for future development of the city, but it is also very culturally and linguistically diverse. More that 16% of the population speak some other language than English in their homes, and they predominantly use Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian and Samoan.

This multicultural hub is exciting and thriving in many areas, and it is also not surprising that many magazines and reviews give very high marks for the quality of life in Brisbane. For example, Monocle Magazine index placed Brisbane on the 25th position of their list of most livable cities in the world, which is a very strong accomplishment, considering the fact that many large cities and popular destinations were left behind, including Melbourne and Sydney. Also, popular travel guide Lonely Planet declared Brisbane as the hippest city in Australia in 2014, which is a strong recognition as well.

1_gold-coast_460Since Brisbane is located on an area of approximately 1.140 km2, which makes it the third largest capital city by geographical area in the world, it has an abundance of beautiful scenery and natural landmarks which attract tourists and domestic residents alike. Beautiful landscape is accompanied by unique and attractive architecture, which offers some very interesting buildings and special locations, and tourists usually have their schedules full when going on sightseeing tours around Brisbane. The inner city of Brisbane, especially the famous Brisbane Central Business District is a very modern, world-class financial centerBrisbane-CBD_web with high skyscrapers and tall office buildings, accommodating companies and multinational corporations which all have offices and distribution centers in this city. Brisbane is experiencing an enormous economic growth, and its current worth of total economy is around $146 billion, and rising. Its perfect strategic position allows it to be the center of commerce, education, communication and tourism, which are all very important elements of a stable and profitable community. With its stable political situation and progressive strategy, Brisbane will only get stronger and better.

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Festivals in Brisbane

Festivals in Brisbane

Since Brisbane is the capital and the largest city of the Australian state of Queensland, as well as the third most populous city in Australia, it is a home of many festivals and events. Since this region is blessed with warm weather all year round, the city is never quiet, and the outdoor festivals are held during all four seasons. In addition to the festivals, there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs you can visit at any time, and most of them are open seven days a week.

Mistletone-Brisbane-Laneway-Festival-2015-credit-Daniel-Boud-049-2-900x600The summer in Brisbane lasts from December to February, and there are several significant festivals during the summer months. Since it is around time of Christmas and New Year, the period after the holidays is ideal to “wake up” and get yourself going. During this period, Brisbane has several music festivals to offer:
A Day on the Green the first “A Day on the Green” Festival was held in 2001, and it was run by a husband and wife team. Until today, many music stars have performed on this festival on over 400 concerts with nearly 3 million visitors.

Stereosonic is held in five largest Australian cities, Brisbane being one of them. It has been around since 2007 and it is the major electronic music festival in Australia.168a6acfbf42e70e37c535ba1acbf1a51-640x360
Woodford Folk Festival – this festival has existed since 1994, and it is held in a town called Woodford, around 70 km from Brisbane. It offers not only musical acts of various genres, but also other forms of entertainment such as stand-up comedy shows, street performing and children’s festival.
St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – it started as an experiment in 2004, and it turned into a festival which brings fresh and good quality musicians to the audience every year.

Soundwave, like Stereosonic, is a festival held in several Australian cities, but it is aimed at different audience. This festival has been gathering the fans of rock, heavy metal and punk music together since 2004. Not only there are festivals in summer, but they are held all around the year in the City of Brisbane or near the city’s area. In addition to summer festivals, there are also some other interesting events of this kind held during other periods of the year:

Brisbane Baroque – this interesting festival has been around for only one year, making its debut in 2015. In 2016, there will be the second Brisbane Baroque held, celebrating the music of the Baroque era.

CMC-Rocks-IMG_4119-WEBCMC Rocks – this is the biggest country and roots festival, not only in Brisbane, but in the whole of Australia.
Queensland Music Festival – the festival has been held in Brisbane every second year since 1991, and it represents a celebration of musical excellence, celebrated all over Australia.

Brisbane Festival – this festival is held yearly, usually in September, and it features a range of performances, artistic installations and talks. It is featured across various festival hubs in Brisbane, creating a unique atmosphere all around the city.

Island Vibe – this festival has been held since 2006, it is situated on Stradbroke Island and it is the largest and the most popular festival dedicated to reggae, soul and funk music.

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Brisbane – city of good life and happy people

Brisbane – city of good life and happy people

Brisbane is one of the largest cities in Australia and capitol of Australian state Queensland. It is located on the east coast of Australia, above the largest city Melbourne. Brisbane has almost two million of residents and half of them are immigrants. This large number of immigrants only tells us that Brisbane is one the best places for living in the world. Brisbane-CBD-scenic-flight

City got it name by governor of New Zealand, astronomer Tomas Brisbane. It is built on a place where prison colony of Redcliff was suited, which was founded in 1823 and soon became famous by the name of the cruelest prison in the state. But, since the number of prisoner have been decreasing, the area was finally open for residence the 1842. Immigrants immediately started to cultivate the land and to use primitive tools, so soon after that the prison colony was closed.

This is a very modern, preserved and clean city, full of beautiful parks, excellent beaches, polite and friendly people, who have so many reasons for their friendly mood. Life in Brisbane has many advantages. Food is fantastic and tourist have many varieties to choose, because of the immigrants who came in this part of world and brought with them their culture and skills in preparing many international dishes. Of course, for those who don’t want to experiment with this type of cuisine, Brisbane can offer you many fast food restaurants, with hamburgers and fries, but also other healthy food.

Sub-tropical climate is another benefit of Brisbane, for those people who don’t like winter that much. Winter doesn’t exist in Brisbane, first three months in the year are familiar by high temperatures and humidity and people have problems facing this high temperature. The rest of the year is just perfect, temperature doesn’t pass 30 degrees and the air is dry and absolutely great.BrisbaneMarketing_06

Beaches and see are stunning, well organized and clean. Brisbane isBrisbane-Beach one of the rarest cities in the world who has its beaches so close to the city center. Most famous, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, are only an hour away from the city center. Parks are full of beautiful scenery and landscape, where you can barbecue with your friend and family and if you decide to buy a house here, in your garden you can plant pineapple, bananas and other tropical fruit.

contemporary-exteriorLargest part of its citizens lives in their own houses and away from center of the city, that’s way the town is so big. If you plan to buy a house here, like in all large cities in the world, it’s expensive, but it’s not unachievable. Mainly because of the fact that Australian economy is one of the strongest in the world. For example: average salary, after all taxes are paid, is 5,000 dollars. IT jobs are well paid here, and average salary goes up to 6,500 dollars, while the everyday expenses don’t pass the 2,000 dollars per month.

There are lot of large companies stationed here, among them are Boing, Virgin Airlines, Suncorp, Orrcon, Krome Studios and many others.

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