Brisbane – city of good life and happy people

Brisbane is one of the largest cities in Australia and capitol of Australian state Queensland. It is located on the east coast of Australia, above the largest city Melbourne. Brisbane has almost two million of residents and half of them are immigrants. This large number of immigrants only tells us that Brisbane is one the best places for living in the world. Brisbane-CBD-scenic-flight

City got it name by governor of New Zealand, astronomer Tomas Brisbane. It is built on a place where prison colony of Redcliff was suited, which was founded in 1823 and soon became famous by the name of the cruelest prison in the state. But, since the number of prisoner have been decreasing, the area was finally open for residence the 1842. Immigrants immediately started to cultivate the land and to use primitive tools, so soon after that the prison colony was closed.

This is a very modern, preserved and clean city, full of beautiful parks, excellent beaches, polite and friendly people, who have so many reasons for their friendly mood. Life in Brisbane has many advantages. Food is fantastic and tourist have many varieties to choose, because of the immigrants who came in this part of world and brought with them their culture and skills in preparing many international dishes. Of course, for those who don’t want to experiment with this type of cuisine, Brisbane can offer you many fast food restaurants, with hamburgers and fries, but also other healthy food.

Sub-tropical climate is another benefit of Brisbane, for those people who don’t like winter that much. Winter doesn’t exist in Brisbane, first three months in the year are familiar by high temperatures and humidity and people have problems facing this high temperature. The rest of the year is just perfect, temperature doesn’t pass 30 degrees and the air is dry and absolutely great.BrisbaneMarketing_06

Beaches and see are stunning, well organized and clean. Brisbane isBrisbane-Beach one of the rarest cities in the world who has its beaches so close to the city center. Most famous, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, are only an hour away from the city center. Parks are full of beautiful scenery and landscape, where you can barbecue with your friend and family and if you decide to buy a house here, in your garden you can plant pineapple, bananas and other tropical fruit.

contemporary-exteriorLargest part of its citizens lives in their own houses and away from center of the city, that’s way the town is so big. If you plan to buy a house here, like in all large cities in the world, it’s expensive, but it’s not unachievable. Mainly because of the fact that Australian economy is one of the strongest in the world. For example: average salary, after all taxes are paid, is 5,000 dollars. IT jobs are well paid here, and average salary goes up to 6,500 dollars, while the everyday expenses don’t pass the 2,000 dollars per month.

There are lot of large companies stationed here, among them are Boing, Virgin Airlines, Suncorp, Orrcon, Krome Studios and many others.

Author: Hector Cunningham

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