Festivals in Brisbane

Since Brisbane is the capital and the largest city of the Australian state of Queensland, as well as the third most populous city in Australia, it is a home of many festivals and events. Since this region is blessed with warm weather all year round, the city is never quiet, and the outdoor festivals are held during all four seasons. In addition to the festivals, there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs you can visit at any time, and most of them are open seven days a week.

Mistletone-Brisbane-Laneway-Festival-2015-credit-Daniel-Boud-049-2-900x600The summer in Brisbane lasts from December to February, and there are several significant festivals during the summer months. Since it is around time of Christmas and New Year, the period after the holidays is ideal to “wake up” and get yourself going. During this period, Brisbane has several music festivals to offer:
A Day on the Green the first “A Day on the Green” Festival was held in 2001, and it was run by a husband and wife team. Until today, many music stars have performed on this festival on over 400 concerts with nearly 3 million visitors.

Stereosonic is held in five largest Australian cities, Brisbane being one of them. It has been around since 2007 and it is the major electronic music festival in Australia.168a6acfbf42e70e37c535ba1acbf1a51-640x360
Woodford Folk Festival – this festival has existed since 1994, and it is held in a town called Woodford, around 70 km from Brisbane. It offers not only musical acts of various genres, but also other forms of entertainment such as stand-up comedy shows, street performing and children’s festival.
St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – it started as an experiment in 2004, and it turned into a festival which brings fresh and good quality musicians to the audience every year.

Soundwave, like Stereosonic, is a festival held in several Australian cities, but it is aimed at different audience. This festival has been gathering the fans of rock, heavy metal and punk music together since 2004. Not only there are festivals in summer, but they are held all around the year in the City of Brisbane or near the city’s area. In addition to summer festivals, there are also some other interesting events of this kind held during other periods of the year:

Brisbane Baroque – this interesting festival has been around for only one year, making its debut in 2015. In 2016, there will be the second Brisbane Baroque held, celebrating the music of the Baroque era.

CMC-Rocks-IMG_4119-WEBCMC Rocks – this is the biggest country and roots festival, not only in Brisbane, but in the whole of Australia.
Queensland Music Festival – the festival has been held in Brisbane every second year since 1991, and it represents a celebration of musical excellence, celebrated all over Australia.

Brisbane Festival – this festival is held yearly, usually in September, and it features a range of performances, artistic installations and talks. It is featured across various festival hubs in Brisbane, creating a unique atmosphere all around the city.

Island Vibe – this festival has been held since 2006, it is situated on Stradbroke Island and it is the largest and the most popular festival dedicated to reggae, soul and funk music.

Author: Hector Cunningham

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