Brisbane, or as some like to call it – the “Sunshine City”, is the third-largest city in Australia, but it is also the leader in the Asia Pacific region when it comes to economic growth and this city is also well-known for its multicultural nature and friendly atmosphere. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and it is located on a picturesque Brisbane River and the Pacific coast.

The fact that Brisbane has access to the ocean played an important role in the history and the development of this community, and it serves as a valuable commercial asset and precious tourist attraction. Geographic position of Brisbane allows for a very warm and pleasant climate, which is mostly compared to that of Florida or California, and with 283 days of sunshine per year it’s no wonder that they call it the Sunshine City.P5121306

Brisbane is currently a home to 2.2 million people, but this number is rapidly growing and demographic experts predict that by 2031 population will grow to 3.18 million. What is interesting about Brisbane is that the population is relatively young and well-educated, and this gives hope for future development of the city, but it is also very culturally and linguistically diverse. More that 16% of the population speak some other language than English in their homes, and they predominantly use Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian and Samoan.

This multicultural hub is exciting and thriving in many areas, and it is also not surprising that many magazines and reviews give very high marks for the quality of life in Brisbane. For example, Monocle Magazine index placed Brisbane on the 25th position of their list of most livable cities in the world, which is a very strong accomplishment, considering the fact that many large cities and popular destinations were left behind, including Melbourne and Sydney. Also, popular travel guide Lonely Planet declared Brisbane as the hippest city in Australia in 2014, which is a strong recognition as well.

1_gold-coast_460Since Brisbane is located on an area of approximately 1.140 km2, which makes it the third largest capital city by geographical area in the world, it has an abundance of beautiful scenery and natural landmarks which attract tourists and domestic residents alike. Beautiful landscape is accompanied by unique and attractive architecture, which offers some very interesting buildings and special locations, and tourists usually have their schedules full when going on sightseeing tours around Brisbane. The inner city of Brisbane, especially the famous Brisbane Central Business District is a very modern, world-class financial centerBrisbane-CBD_web with high skyscrapers and tall office buildings, accommodating companies and multinational corporations which all have offices and distribution centers in this city. Brisbane is experiencing an enormous economic growth, and its current worth of total economy is around $146 billion, and rising. Its perfect strategic position allows it to be the center of commerce, education, communication and tourism, which are all very important elements of a stable and profitable community. With its stable political situation and progressive strategy, Brisbane will only get stronger and better.

Author: Hector Cunningham

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