Tourists attractions to visit while staying in Brisbane

Brisbane is a very popular choice for tourists planning to visit Australia. If you’ve never heard of Brisbane before, Major_Attractions_Portraitstay awhile and listen.
This is a 3rd largest city of Australia and it has much to offer. If you’re a fan of Australian wildlife, this may be THE place to visit. It has a largest Koala sanctuary in the world and you can get a photo of yourself while cuddling with a koala. Besides koalas there are kangaroos, crocodiles, praying birds, Tasmanian devils, a lot of different snakes and many more. If you’re not such a huge fan of Fauna, maybe flora is more suitable for you taste. Fear not, Brisbane has both. Stationed seven kilometers away from the city, a glorious botanic garden which spreads for 52 hectares lies on mount Coot-Tha. Here you will find many different plants, native to Australia and also some exotic ones.5838440-3x2-700x467

If you’re interested in a birds view of the city, a Ferris wheel was opened in 2009, allowing an hour long ride with an amazing view.

But what else can you see while visiting Brisbane?

Brisbane-old-customs-officeWell, there is a Customs House. This building is owned by Queensland university and it was built in the 19th century. It offers a cultural and educational experience. Even though it operates as a function centre, it has a lot of public spaces such as indoor or outdoor restaurants, unparalleled river and also a Story Bridge view. If you’re interested in visiting this building, free guided tours are offered during Sundays. Besides visiting this magnificent building you can ride a CityCat.

CityCats are basically a type of boat which allow a twenty four – seven ride on the Brisbane river. It’s the most exciting and scenic way of getting around Brisbane. The route which CityCats take will be taking you from theQueen_Street_Mall_Brisbane University of Queensland to the North Shore, along which you will be able to see Industrial sites, Bridges, Parklands and riverside mansions.

Queen Street Mall is another must see place. Here you will be able to find international, national but also local labels and designs. It is a home to more than seven hundred retailers and the most accessible parts are fairly modern, but there is almost a labyrinth of sellers, in which, if you choose to go, you may be able to find some historic buffs.

Each Wednesday a part near the bridge transforms into a Farmers Market, where you will be able to find some of the local herbs and artisan products.

While staying at Brisbane, don’t just focus on the City itself, with an easily accessible Ferry, you will be able to travel to a slightly remote location called Moreton Island. Moreton Island may be a perfect day trip. This Island is a perfect tropical paradise. Once you’re there you will be able to see pure white sand bitches with azure water and rich vegetation. If you’ve ever dreamed of a perfect beach, this might be it.

Author: Hector Cunningham

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